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Group Coordinator:  Dale Atlas 17:23 Ministries 339-293-2411  [email protected]
Group Mission Statement:  in progress (see working statement at bottom of page)

Bethesda Evangelical Church
Betesda Igreja Evangelica
Pastor Daniel and Gelsely DeSouza
158 Carter Street - Chelsea, MA  02150 
(phone)  617-957-3421 (e-mail) [email protected]
Services: Sunday 6:00 p.m.

Blessed Life Church
Iglesia Vida Bendecida
Pastors Tomy & Aida Carrasquillo
120 Eastern Avenue - Chelsea, MA  02150  
(phone) 857-236-5866 (e-mail) [email protected]
Services: Sunday 11:30 a.m.

Hope of the Christ Ministry
Esperanza del Ministerio de Cristo

Ruben Rodriguez
2 San Juan Street - Boston, MA  02118  
(phone)  781-879-9031 (e-mail) [email protected]

House of Refuge Church
Iglesia Casa de Refugio
Pastor Leonel Jimenez
74 Washington Avenue – Chelsea, MA  02150
(phone) 617-461-3315 (e-mail) [email protected]
Services: Thurs. 7:30 p.m. & Sun. 1:30 p.m.

International Gospel Church
Pastor Jared Elocho and Giselle Mlongecha
85 Crescent Avenue #2 - Chelsea, MA  02150  
(phone) 617-884-1951 or 781-284-0510
(e-mail) [email protected]

John 17:23 Ministries
in partnership with Emmanuel Gospel Center

Dale Atlas, Director
2 San Juan Street - Boston, MA  02118  
(phone)  339-293-2411 (e-mail) [email protected]

New Life Christian Center
Pastors Eliott and Evelyn Penn
47 Spruce Street - Chelsea, MA  02150 
(phone) 617-889-9998  
(e-mail) [email protected]
Services: Sunday 10:00 a.m. & Wed. 7:00 p.m.

Open Heavens Ministries
Pastors Tony and Rebecca Aguilar
311 Broadway  -  Chelsea, MA  02150
(phone) 857-312-2418 or 617-953-1801
(e-mail) [email protected]

Local Radio Programming
Christ in You, The Hope of Glory

    (Cristo en Vosotros, La Esperanza De Gloria)
For Such A Time As This (Para Esta Hora De Llegado)

Ramonita Diaz, Producer
(phone) 617-361-0243 (email) [email protected]

Seafarer’s Friend
Rev. J. Loring Carpenter, Executive Director
77 Broadway - Chelsea, MA 02150
(office) 617-889-3222   (cell) 978.869.1181
(e-mail) [email protected]

Bethesda Evangelical Church

Blessed Life Church

House of Refuge Church

International Gospel Church

Open Heavens Ministries

Seafarer’s Friend

The Fellowship of Christian Churches of Chelsea is in the process of fine tuning our Mission Statement.  The statements below are an in-process representation of our fellowship.

Mission Statement
The Mission of The Fellowship of Christian Churches of Chelsea is to unite pastors and churches in Chelsea for effective evangelism.

Vision Statement
The Vision of the Fellowship of Christian Churches of Chelsea is to be an integral, supportive, and dynamic part of the spiritual, physical, and organizational life of our city in ways that both believers and unbelievers alike will value the relationship, contributions, and presence of our congregations.

Statement of Faith
As disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – the one and only true God; salvation only through the sacrificial blood of Jesus shed on the cross, and risen from the dead for our justification; and in the Holy Bible as the living Word of God.

Core Values
The Fellowship of Christian Churches of Chelsea supports both women and men serving in pastoral and leadership roles.

We commit to guarding against division by speaking the truth in love and working through difficult circumstances that may arise utilizing the wisdom of leaders outside our group, if necessary.

We believe Scripture teaches that the unity of the Body of Christ and our love for one another has a direct impact on our evangelistic efforts (John 17:23, John 13:34-35, Psalm 133), and so we commit to praying together, gathering together, and working together as we are able and as the Holy Spirit leads.