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There is only one church in Tolland, but it is a congregation with a very rich spiritual history.  But right now they need the prayers of Brothers and Sisters to keep the Christian witness alive in Tolland.  Please read below.

Tolland Congregational Church
Donna Calawa, Preacher and Spiritual Advisor  413.746.4012


In 1810, the Tolland Congregational Church was the underpinning of the town of Tolland, Massachusetts. Today a picture of at least one-hundred people adorns the wall of the front foyer of the church, from an Old Home Sunday of years gone by. This same church sent Gordon Hall off to Bombay, (Mumbai) India as a missionary. He planted the first Christian church there. Its doors are still open more than 200 years later, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In contrast, numbers, interest and finances have dwindled for ministry of the small, stately, picturesque, white church on the Tolland Green. Today the pretty green doors are in danger of closing and the preaching of the Holy Bible ending. A picture of a rainbow over the Tolland church hangs in the foyer. Could this be a sign that God has not given up on Tolland, or the ministry of the only church in Tolland?  Please pray for God to move mightily through His Holy Spirit to bring revival. Pray that the Good News of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the sins of the world would never cease to be preached from the pulpit of the Tolland Congregational Church.